Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Transparent Transmission Module

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  • HM-BT220X is a BLE data transmission module, based on a BLE 5.2 SoC chip (ARM Cortex-M33 32-bit processor, up to 76.8MHz working frequency), embedded with a 2.4GHz transceiver, equipped with an on-board PCB antenna. The module communicates with an external MCU to quickly set up wireless connection and data transmission between BLE slave devices and BLE master devices (such as mobile phones and tablets). The external MCU has a low resource occupation and the The development process is very easy.


    Module Features

    Based on ARM Cortex-M33 32-bit processor;

    Support BLE 2.4GHz multi-protocol;

    Supports BLE protocol stack from 4.x to 5.2;

    Up to 512KB of FLASH and 32KB of RAM;

    Support 14 general-purpose I/O ports, configurable mapping and flexible peripherals;

    Can be used as a BLE data transmission module or as an MCU alone;

    Support a universal serial interface UART communication;

    Support AT command to reset module, get MAC address;

    Support AT commands to adjust the BLE connection interval and control different forwarding rates (dynamic power consumption adjustment);

    Support AT commands to adjust the transmit power, modify the broadcast interval, customize the broadcast data, customize the device identification code, set the data delay (the preparation time for external MCU to receive data from serial port), modify the baud rate of serial port, modify the module name, and support data preservation when power is off;

    The length of data packet from serial port is up to 240byte (the large packet will be automatically distributed);

    Support APP to modify the module name and save the data when power is off, modify the baud rate of serial port and product identification code, customize the broadcast content and broadcast cycle;

    Support APP to reset the module and set the transmit power;

    Support APP to adjust the BLE connection interval, but the data will not be saved after power is off (dynamic power consumption adjustment);

    Support anti-hijacking password setting, modification and recovery to prevent malicious third-party connection;

    The broadcast content can feedback the real-time status of the module, including battery power, and custom device identification code (suitable for broadcast applications);

    Support internal RTC real-time clock;


    Working Voltage: 1.71V-3.8V

    Working Temperature: -40+85°C

    Modulation Mode: GFSK Gaussian Frequency Shift Keying

    Modulation Frequency: 2402MHz-2483.5MHz

    Maximum Transmit Power: +6dBm

    Receive Current: 3.6mA @1Mbps GFSK

    Emission Current: 4.1mA@0dBm

    Emission Current: 8.2mA@6dBm

    Low Power Consumption Mode Current: 27uA/MHz in Active

    Mode @76.8MHz

    Deep Sleep Mode Current: 1.4uA @EM2 Deep Sleep

    Receiving Sensitivity: -98.9dBm @1Mbps GFSK




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