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ESP32-S3 Mini Board, 240 MHz CPU, Wi-Fi & Bluetooth 5 without header

Ürün Kodu : LTE-WS25081
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    ESP32-S3 Mini Development Board, Based On ESP32-S3FH4R2 Dual-Core Processor, 240MHz Running Frequency, 2.4GHz Wi-Fi & Bluetooth 5
    ESP32-S3-Zero Development Board

    Based on ESP32-S3FH4R2, onboard multi-function GPIO pins

    Castellated Module, Suitable For SMD Applications

    Board Specifications
    • Equipped with Xtensa® 32-bit LX7 dual-core processor, up to 240MHz main frequency
    • Supports 2.4GHz Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n) and Bluetooth® 5 (LE)
    • Built in 512KB of SRAM and 384KB ROM, onboard 4MB Flash memory and 2MB PSRAM
    • Castellated module and onboard ceramic antenna, allows soldering direct to carrier boards
    • Supports flexible clock, module power supply independent setting, and other controls to realize low power consumption in different scenarios
    • Integrated with USB serial port full-speed controller, 34 × GPIO pins allows flexibly configuring pin functions
    • 4 × SPI, 2 × I2C, 3 × UART, 2 × I2S, 2 × ADC, etc.
    Version Options

    without pinheader


    with pre-soldered header

    Support C/C++, MicroPython

    Comprehensive SDK, Dev Resources, Tutorials To Help You Easily Get Started

    What's On Board
    1. ESP32-S3FH4R2 dual-core processor
      up to 240MHz operating frequency
    2. USB Type-C Port
    3. ME6217C33M5G
      low dropout LDO, 800mA (Max)
    4. WS2812 RGB LED
    1. 2.4G ceramic antenna
    2. BOOT button
      Press it and then press the RESET button to enter download mode
    3. RESET button
    4. ESP32-S3FH4R2 pins

    Pin Definition
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