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Ürün Kodu : LE70868W027T034
1.725,46 TL + KDV
Stok Durumu:
Aynı Gün Kargo 15’e kadar aynı gün kargo
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  • The Telit LE70-868 operates in the 868 MHz ISM license free frequency bands with Tx power up to ½ W. It is ideally suited for replacing communication over cables such as RS485 links (Profibus, Modbus) and half-duplex RS232 links (transparent mode),with wireless technology for use in one or two-way data links for up to 10Km in range.

    LE modules organize in a “Star Network” topology over a Telit proprietary protocol. They can also be used to create communications networks in a star topology and for long-chain communication with the new smart repeater function.

    • Pre-certified RF modules, LGA xE Form Factor, TTL RS232 interface

    • Excellent RX sensitivity

    • Hayes mode or ‘AT’ mode for configuration

    • Listen Before Talk (LBT) for collision avoidance

    • Cyclic wake up: wakes up periodically and listens to the radio link

    • AES128 data encryption available

    • Repeater mode (bridge function)

    • Download Over The Air (DOTA)

    • Industrial temperature range

    Key Benefits

    • xE Form Factor

    • Extra-wide area coverage (10Km range)

    • LE70-868 is compatible over the air with LE50-868 in G3 868MHz sub band

    • Range : up to 10km

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