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LoRaWAN Gateway HAT for Raspberry Pi, SX1302 868M EU868

Ürün Kodu : LTE-WS20522
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  • LoRaWAN Gateway HAT For Pi

    SX1302 core module, standard Mini-PCIe socket

    Features At A Glance

    This is a communication HAT for Raspberry Pi with LoRaWAN protocol support, which incorporates core LoRa gateway module SX1302 868M LoRaWAN Gateway. It has lots of advantages including long range transmission, concurrent communication, large capacity node, and high receiving sensitivity. There are L76B GNSS module and Mini-PCIe socket on the base board for easy integration, along with our rich development resources, you can attach it to Raspberry Pi and build the LoRa network fast.

    • Standard Raspberry Pi 40PIN GPIO extension header, supports Raspberry Pi series boards
    • Incorporate L76B module with GPS/BD support, Gateway module for providing accurate clock and location info
    • Comes with development resources and manual (example in C)

    SX1302 868M LoRaWAN Gateway core module features:

    • Integrates Semtech SX1302 normal band and SX1250 radio RF frond-end chip, EU868 band
    • Onboard PA and LNA, features 26dBm emit power and -141dBm high sensitivity receiving gain
    • 10x signal channel, supports multiple nodes concurrent communication and FEC (Forward Error Correction) algorithm
    • Supports SF5~SF12 spreading factor, 19Kbps MAX (SF5/BW125KHz) data rate
    • Utilizing SPI communication protocol and standard Mini-PCIe socket, for easy integration into sorts of embedded systems
    Power supply 5V
    Frequency range EU868 (863-870MHz) GPS L1 (1575.42MHz)
    BD2 B1 (1561.098MHz)
    Positioning accuracy - < 2.5m CEP
    Modulation LoRa/(G)FSK -
    Emit power > 26dBm@5V -
    Receiving sensitivity -141dBm@125KHz/SF12
    acquisition: -148dBm
    tracking: -163dBm
    re-acquisition: -160dBm
    Overall power consumption emitting: 710mA@5V GPS on
    receiving: 99mA@5V GPS on
    sleep: 41mA@5V GPS off
    Communication bus SPI, I2C UART
    External connector Mini-PCIe -
    Operating temperature -40~85℃
    Dimensions 50.95 x 30mm -
    Performance-Upgraded SX1302 Chip

    Lower Power Consumption, Fast Data Rate, Longer Distance

    Multiple Channels Smooth Communication

    A Better Solution For Concurrent High Throughput Situation

    FEC Forward Error Correction Algorithm

    The New Generation LoRa Spread Spectrum Technology,
    Higher Anti-Interference Performance, Longer Communication Distance

    What's On Board

    1. SX1302 868M LoRaWAN Gateway module
    2. Mini-PCIe socket and buckle
    3. L76B module
    4. RT9193-33 power chip
    5. Status indicator
      PWR: power indicator
      RXD/TXD: UART RX/TX indicator
      PPS: GPS status indicator
    6. Raspberry Pi GPIO header
      for connecting with Raspberry Pi series boards
    7. L76B antenna connector
    8. LoRa Gateway antenna connector
    9. Battery holder
      supports ML1220 rechargeable cell, for preserving ephemeris information and hot starts

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