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Ürün Kodu : NE50433W317T020
1.459,84 TL + KDV
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Var (20 Adet)
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  • The Telit NE family is comprised of multi-band, multi-channel radio modules operating on an advanced proprietary embedded 10-hop, 10K-node low-power mesh stack that is easy to integrate and use. They operate in the 433 MHz and 868 MHz bands and feature low power standby mode, efficient wake up on radio and link budget of 123 dB (119 dB for 433 MHz EU-only) with TX Power up to 25mW.

    These pre-certified, LGA modules provide TTL RS232 interface, integrated digital and analog I/O. The family is pin-to-pin compatible with Telit ZE Family (ZigBee 2007 and PRO stack), LE Family (star network) and ME Family (Wireless M-Bus).

    • Pre-certified RF modules, LGA xE Form Factor, TTL RS232 interface

    • Excellent RX sensitivity

    • Low power for coordinator, sleep mode for end points and routers

    • Mesh network with hierarchical addressing, auto acquisition and auto repair capability

    • Configurable mesh network period and sync

    • Setup (Hayes command) over the air

    • Maximum 10K devices, 100 children per router, up to 10 routers-deep for per mesh network

    • Download Over The Air (DOTA)

    • Industrial temperature range

    Key Benefits

    • Ultra low-power for low data rate, large area mesh networks

    • Wide area coverage

    • Low power consumption and very efficient mesh structure good for battery powered applications for end points and also for routers and coordinators

    • Range : 1500m

  • http://www4.telit.com/module/infopool/download.php?id=4159
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