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SIM7600G-PCIE R2, LTE CAT-1 Module (Mini-PCIE, Global)

Ürün Kodu : SIM7600G-PCR2/S2-109KK-Z306Y
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  • LTE Cat.1

    The SIM7600-PCIE series is the LTE Cat 1 module which supports wireless communication modes of LTE-TDD/ LTE-FDD/HSPA+/GSM/GPRS/EDGE etc. It supports maximum 10Mbps downlink rate and 5Mbps uplink rate.

    The SIM7600-PCIE series adopts mini PCIE form factor and consists of a SIM7600 series module and a mini PCIE adapter board. It is easy for customers to integrate.

    The SIM7600-PCIE series integrates multiple satellite high accuracy positioning GNSS systems, with multiple built-in network protocols, supports drivers for main operation systems (USB driver for Windows, Linux and Android etc.) and software function, AT commands are compatible with SIM7500/SIM7600-H series modules.  Meanwhile  the SIM7600-PCIE series integrates main industrial standard interfaces, with powerful expansibility, including abundant interfaces such as UART, USB,  GPIO, which is suitable for main IoT applications such as telematics, surveillance devices, CPE, industrial routers, and remote diagnostics etc.

    Product Advantages

    ●   Mini-PCIE interface with strong compatibility

    ●   Multi-constellation GNSS receiver support

    ●   Suitable for LTE, UMTS and GSM networks with global coverage

    ●   Abundant software functions: FOTA, LBS, TLS, VoLTE

    ●   AT commands of the SIM7600-PCIE series are compatible with the SIM7500/SIM7600-H series modules



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    4G Module ( LTE )
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