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WG222 Dual-band Serial Port WiFi 2.4+5GHz & BLE 4.2

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    WG222 is a highly integrated WiFi/Bluetooth combo module which features an application processor, a low power 1x1 802.11n dual-band Wi-Fi subsystem, a Bluetooth subsystem, and a Power Management Unit.

    The application processor subsystem contains an ARM Cortex-M4F MCU. It also includes many peripherals, including UART, I2C, SPI, I2S, PWM, IrDA, and auxiliary ADC. It also includes embedded SRAM/ROM. The Wi-Fi subsystem contains the 802.11a/b/g/n radio, baseband, and MAC that are designed to meet both the low power and high throughput application. It also contains a 32-bit RISC CPU that could fully offload the application processor. The Bluetooth subsystem contains the Bluetooth radio, baseband, link controller. It also uses the same 32-bit RISC CPU for the Bluetooth protocols. The module requiring only an external 3.3V power supply. Below is the module top view.




    ARM Cortex-M4 MCU with FPU with up to 192MHz clock speed


    22 General Purpose IOs multiplexed with other interfaces


    Two UART interfaces with hardware flow control and one UART for debug, all multiplexed with GPIO


    One SPI master or SPI slave interface multiplexed with GPIO


    One I2C master interface multiplexed with GPIO


    One I2S interface multiplexed with GPIO


    Four channels 12-bit ADC multiplexed with GPIO


    22 PWM multiplexed with GPIO


    Module Size: 31.3mm*20.3mm*3.2mm


    Voltage supply: 3.3V±10%5 / 20




    802.11 a/b/g/n


    Supports 20MHz, 40MHz bandwidth in 2.4GHz band 5GHz band


    Dual-band 1T1R mode with data rate up to 150Mbps


    Automatic Beacon monitoring/scanning


    802.11 i security features: pre-authentication and TSN; Hardware crypto engines including AES,DES/3DES, SHA2 for network security


    Infrastructure BSS Station mode/SoftAP mode




    Compliant with Bluetooth v4.2 BLE specification


    Enhanced power control


    Maximum +10dBm transmitting power


    BLE Beacon


    Security Manage Protocol (SMP)



    Hardware Features
    Model WG222
    Antenna Type IPEX connect or PCB Antenna
    Chipset solution MT7697
    Voltage 3.3V±10%
    Dimension(L×W×H) 31.3mm*20.3mm*3.2mm
    WIFI Wireless Features
    Wireless Standards IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n
    Frequency Range 2.412GHz-2.484GHz & 5.180GHz -5.825GHz
    Data Rates IEEE 802.11b : 1,2,5.5,11Mbps
    IEEE 802.11g : 6,9,12,18,24,36,48,54Mbps
    IEEE 802.11n : MCS0--MCS7 @ HT20  /2.4GHz band
                  MCS0--MCS7 @ HT40  /2.4GHz band
                  MCS0—MCS7 @ HT40  /5GHz band
    Receiver Sensitivity HT40 MCS7 : -70dBm@10% PER(MCS7) /5GHz band
    HT40 MCS7 : -70dBm@10% PER(MCS7) /2.4GHz band
    HT20 MCS7 : -73dBm@10% PER(MCS7) /2.4GHz band
    54M: -75dBm@10% PER
    11M: -88dBm@ 8% PER
    Modulation Technique DSSS (DBPSK, DQPSK, CCK)
    OFDM (BPSK, QPSK, 16-QAM, 64-QAM)
    Wireless Security WPA/WPA2, WEP, TKIP and AES, WPS2.0, WAPI
    Transmit Power IEEE 802.11n: 14-17dBm @HT20 MCS7 /5GHz band
    IEEE 802.11n: 14-17dBm @HT40 MCS7 /5GHz band
    IEEE 802.11n: 15-18dBm @HT20/40 MCS7 /2.4GHz band
    IEEE 802.11g: 15-18dBm @54Mbps
    IEEE 802.11b: 18-21dBm @11Mbps
    Work Mode AP, Station, AP/Client
    Certification RoHS compliance
    Environment Operating Temperature: -20℃~70℃
    Storage Temperature: -40℃~125℃
    Operating Humidity: 10%~90% non-condensing
    Storage Humidity: 5%~90% non-condensing
    Bluetooth Wireless Features
    Wireless Standards Bluetooth4.2 BLE
    Frequency Range 2.402GHz -2.480GHz
     Receive Sensitivity BER<0.1%: -95dBm
    Wireless Transmit Power BLE: -20dBm to +10dBm

    ◆ BLE beacon

    ◆Industrial wireless control

    ◆ Bluetooth gateway

    ◆ Wearable electronical device

    ◆ Wi-Fi location-aware devices

    ◆ Security ID tags

    ◆ Smart home

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