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Wireless Temperature Sensor (Waterproof)

Ürün Kodu : LTE-IoT105-DS18B20
700,29 TL + KDV
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    The wireless temperature IoT Sensors are low power comsuption design,it is a wireless Internet of things gateway, designed for converting DS18B20 Temperature sensor signal to Wireless communcation over SMS/GPRS/3G/4G/NB-IoT Cellular Network, and connect to the IoT Cloud Platform.

    The wireless temperature IoT Sensor is widely used to real time remotely monitoring temperature of Refrigerator freezer, chicken factory, chemical plant, food production and storage, warehouse, hospital etc.

    The wireless temperature IoT Sensor supports Modbus TCP Protocol and MQTT Protocol, compatiable KPIIOT cloud platform and other cloud platform or SCADA or OPC Server.




    Reference Scope

    DC Power supply


    Power consumption

    Low power consumption mode Standby:<230uA;

    Normal mode:10mA~30mA,Max:230-360mA.




    Modbus RTU Over TCP, MQTT

    SIM interface


    Cellular Antenna

    SMA Antenna interface, 50 Ohm

    Serial Interfaces

    Micro USB Port;

    Digital output

    OC output,1A 30V DC

    Digital Input

    NO or NC

    Analog Inputs

    0-5V or 4-20mA

    Temp.&Hum Inputs

    AM2301:Temperature range: -40°C to +80°C, Humidity Range: 0~100%RH

    Temperature Input

    DS18B20:Temperature range: -55°C to +125°C,±3% RH

    Temperature range

    -10-+60 °C

    Humidity range

    Relative humidity 95% (condensation free)
















    1.     Can be used as a complete product or as a secondary development module;

    2.     Two working modes are available:

           Normal mode: Real-time data transmission,Users can inquiry the real-time status;

           Low power consumption mode: Ultra low power consumption(<230uA);

    3.     Multiple communication methods:GSM,GPRS,3G,4G,NB-IoT,LoRa,Ethernet,etc;

    4.     Coverting DS18B20 temperature probe signal to cloud platform over cellular network;

    5.     Support configure parameters and query real-time data via SMS,software,cloud platform;

    6.     Up to 10 SMS Alert and dial numbers, can program to receive specified alarm message;

    7.     Support two different server centers,can set IP address or domain name ;

    8.     Support Modbus RTU over TCP and MQTT protocol;

    9.    Wide range power supply 7~24VDC with phase-reversal protection;

    10.  Using Nano sim card,support PIN code function;

    11.  Provide PCBA or waterproof enclosure,can be used outside.

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