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  • Product Description
    ''xE910-Prog Tool'' provides easy-programming function and 
    flexible development & test enviorement to customer
    based on Telit GSM | GPRS, UMTS | HSPA, CDMA 1x | EV-DO
    and LTE xE910 Telit Module Family, significiantly reducing time-to-market.
    ''xE910-Prog Tool'' includes the basic interfaces such as power
    input, Dual-SIM card holder, Audio Headset 3.5mm Jack (Iphone and 
    Samsung Phones compatible), 2 x RS232, 2 x USB, Reset and Power 
    Buttons, Status&GPIO LEDs, Input&Control Slide Switches, Activation
    Jumpers and as well as Cellular | Diversity | GNSS Antenna Connectors.
    Jumper blocks of ''xE910-Prog Tool'' define the rooting of Serial Ports, 
    GPIOs, Audio channels, SPI Connections, Power Lines, I/O voltage Level 
    selections, SIM selections, GNSS connections. The PC or DTE controlling
    the module over AT-command interface can be connected via RS232 and USB.
    Key Benefits
    ''xE910-Prog Tool'' is a solution designed for ''Telit Distributors'', R&D 
    Companies who need module FW update without assemblying, Programmers 
    Engineers and developers who want to test all xE910 family functions. Tool
    can be used at very wide areas which Telit xE910-Family modules used and 
    offer below advantages to the users:
    • Program and/or update any module in Telit xE910-Family without assembly,
    • Programming, Developing and Testing of Telit's current and future GSM|GPRS, UMTS|HSPA, CDMA 1x|EV-DO and LTE xE910-Family products in one platform,
    • Debug and improve applications at HW and SW sides based on xE910 Family,
    • Develop a first-pass proof-of-consept device for new applications,
    • Make module ready with demanded FW before Assembly/Production Process.
    Product Features & Interfaces:
    • Serial Port:  
                 2 x RS232 (Main Serial Port and Aux Serial Port);
                 1V8 and 3V3 TTL Level Uart Connections  
    • USB Ports:
                 1 x USB 2.0 (Direct Module Port)
                 1 x USB 2.0 for Virtual Serial and SPI ports
    • Power Supply Range:  5.5V to 28V
    • Power Reset Buttons:  Available
    • LED Indicator:
                  10 x GPIO Output LEDs; 1 x USB Power-On LED;
                  1 x Pwrmon LED; 1 x Status LED
    • Embedded Power Supplies:
                  1V2@150mA; 1V8@150mA; 
                  3V3@500mA; 3V8@3A
    • GPIOs:
                  10 x LED Output
                  10 x Input (with slide switch)
    • Audio:
                  3.5mm Jack Audio Input
                  Analog Voice and Digital Voice (Analog to Digital Codec)
    • SIM Card Holder:  2 x SIM Holder for Dual SIM Card Tests
    • External Battery Input:  Available
    • Virtual USB Interface:  Main & Aux Serial Port; SPI Port
    • Antenna Connections:  1 x Main; 1 x Diversity; 1 x GNSS
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